Data leak via exposed .env files

We scanned over 2.6 million domains for exposed .env files. During this scan we found 201 .env files. Besides harmless configuration settings we found 135 database users and passwords, 48 e-mail user accounts with passwords, 11 live credentials for payment providers (like Stripe or Paypal), 98 secret tokens for different APIs and 128 app secrets (secrets to securely generate session ids, CSRF-tokens and JWT-tokens) and a few hard coded admin credentials. Exposed .env files are a huge security risk, because the content of these files is not encrypted.

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Data leak via exposed .git directories

An analysis of over 2.5 million domains for public code repositories (Git) showed that more than 1000 public code repositories were found. In the code repositories you can find harmless things like templates or static HTML pages, but also complete code of web applications including their configuration with passwords for logins, databases, Office 365 logins, email accounts with passwords or private keys to communicate with payment providers. We even found usernames and passwords in the metadata of the repository itself, which allowed access to complete code management of companies. Even if there is no directory listing for the .git folder you can download the data.

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Data leak via exposed .DS_Store files

With our scanner we scanned over 2.6 million domains for exposed .DS_Store files. We found 8500 .DS_Store files. With data extracted from these files we were able to find hidden configuration files, database dumps, private keys, source code and "hidden" admin panels.

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Data leak in a Laravel PHP application

There are two common date leaks / credential leaks in Laravel applications. During our scan of over 2.6 million domains, we encountered 37 Laravel configuration files with database users and passwords, email server credentials and API secrets.

In ~10% of the configuration files we saw the debug mode was on. We assume that there are many more Laravel applications out there with debug mode on.

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Data leak via directory listing

Directory listing of files stored on the web server poses great security risks. Information can be disclosed that is not intended for the public.

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